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Fit into your favorite jeans again

With the Lynn Taylor® expandable belt,
you can fit into jeans up to one size smaller.

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Fit into your favorite jeans again

With the Lynn Taylor® expandable belt, you can fit into jeans up to one size smaller.

Feel confident in your jeans

Look slimmer

Love your wardrobe again

Tired of squeezing into jeans that are too tight at the waist?

  • Want to lose that dreaded muffin top?
  • Wasting money buying new jeans that fit?
  • Don't feel confident?
  • Can't wear your favorite jeans?
  • Just want more wiggle room in your jeans?
  • Is putting on your jeans a hassle?

The Lynn Taylor belt lets you fit into your jeans in 4 Easy Steps

Lynn Taylor Belt, inserted through belt loop


Put strap in first loop counterclockwise.

Lynn Taylor Belt with jeans inserted into extender


Put extender button in jeans hole, with upward motion.

Lynn Taylor Belt, insert extender into jeans buttonhole


Use 2 index fingers to pull jeans button inside extender hole

Lynn Taylor Belt, buckled on woman


Zip up with flap down, loop around and enjoy


Our revolutionary belt extender is removable!

This means that when you reach your goal weight and no longer have "too tight" jeans, you can wear the extender for extra comfort or remove it and use our beautiful designs as standard belts.

Discover The Magic Of Jeans-Expanding Belt!

Let your belt give
you more slack!

  • Widens the waist of your jeans, doesn’t make you squeeze into them
  • Choose from a variety of beautiful belts and high-quality leathers
  • Belt buckles are designed so you can wear your blouse or shirt over them.
  • Our patent pending design offers secure coverage and support
  • Zipper doesn’t slide down, it stays hidden behind the belt buckle
  • So stylish, you’ll want to wear with all your favorite pants!

See What Makes the
Lynn Taylor Belt Different


Tamera M.

"This belt has saved me on many occasions last minute when I couldn’t fit into jeans that I thought fit. Thank you Lynn Taylor!"

Mike J.

"The cost savings and mileage I get out of my jeans and pants is great. It doesn't matter if I go up or down a few pounds, I can still wear my favorite pairs."

Liz L.

"I hated not being able to wear my favorite jeans, but they were just too tight to button after having my baby. Once I got my Lynn Taylor belt, I was in them every day again! And no one knew the difference. "

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Stop staring at a closet full of jeans that don't fit

If the waist of your jeans is too tight, you can feel uncomfortable and don’t look your best going out in public. You don’t leave your home feeling good about yourself. Buying bigger jeans is a waste of time and money! 

Lynn Taylor Belts provide an easier way.

With A Lynn Taylor Belt You’ll Feel Confident And Inspired Every Day

  • Feel the euphoria of instantly fitting into your favorite jeans!
  • No more wasting money on jeans with a bigger waist
  • Wear your favorite jeans all the time, even if your weight fluctuates
  • Look slimmer—comfortably wear jeans up to one size smaller
  • Expand your wardrobe immediately
  • Feel comfortable in all your jeans (even ones that were too snug!)

You Deserve to Look Great In Your Jeans

So many people can relate to that frustrating feeling of not being able to button your jeans.

As an inventor and businesswoman, I created the Lynn Taylor Belt for every person whose jeans are too tight or whose waist size fluctuates here and there—which is just about everyone!

You’re so close to feeling great again in your favorite jeans! This belt will help you close the gap.

– Lynn Taylor, Founder

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